Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – no separation!

But take it easy. This message is not confirmed. To requests Jada spokesman, Karynne Tencer, has responded completely surprised: "What? InTouch has said that? I know nothing about it. I go to sleep again. "

Another rebuttal: Even at the weekend showed Will and Jada at the same hotel in Miami. Will had met there with Trey Songz and Jada had traveled with. So unlikely that it now suddenly came to a separation!

On details and explanations of the alleged insider, we have to wait. Until now, the makers wanted to InTouch not cough up more information about the alleged separation.

Let’s hope that this is indeed a story that was not confirmed. After all, ge (a) Will and Jada lten as a model couple. As the two near-distance marriage with their rules and keep sex fresh, Jada already explained in detail

We always had at least the impression that the family of five perfectly happy. Recently opened the doors of Will and Jada and gave her insight into the "House of Harmony"