Turkish FM:"It’s not right to pressure on Denktas

Gul, who returned from Belgium to Turkey, told reporters that there was continuous pressure on Denktas and many questions towards him.

"It is not right. People who undertake historic responsibilities should very well evaluate everything and then make a decision. Therefore, everything will be well evaluated and joint action will be taken at the end of right decisions," Gul said.

Replying to a question saying that Denktas would decide on whether or not to go to New York on February 10 when he returned to TRNC, Gul said that Turkey and TRNC continued their efforts in consultation.

Gul said, "it is not right to expect immediate response in such important issues. Sides are acting with common sense."

Foreign Minister Gul underlined that Turkey’s positive attitude towards Cyprus issue would continue.

Gul said, "undoubtedly, Denktas is the person who will make the most contribution to these issues because he is the leader of the society. Many issues will be under his leadership."

Asked what Turkey would do unless Denktas accepted negotiation conditions, Gul said, "Denktas is the leader of society. Annan plan is addressing leaders of two societies. Therefore, many issues will be under Denktas’ leadership since he is the elected and historical leader of TRNC."

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