Iraq: Don’t interfere in our internal affairs

ANKARA (AA) – Berham Salih of the Iraqi Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Regional Administration said, "We are respectful our neighbours’ internal affairs. In the same way, we expect them to be respectful our internal affairs."

Responding the questions from the reporters Salih stated that Iraq was respectful its neighbours’ internal affairs and Iraw was in the process of forming a country which was in peace. Salih went on to say, " We don’t want to interfere in our neighbours’ internal affairs, so we also wait for the same approach. Iraq’s future should be determined by Iraqis and they ask for time from their neighbours to take this decision with their free will. "

Salih stated that Turkey and the other countries had to understand that for 12 years there had been an almost independent Kurdistan in Iraq.

Asked whether he was against the process that the US planned, Salih responded that the US always would respect to Iraqis’ wishes. He stressed that the US have given a huge gift by bringing the freedom to Iraqis.

Saying that despite of Iraq’s wealthy, it lived in poverty due to the wars, Salih stressed that they wanted to improve economic development in Iraq that he had seen clearly in Turkey.

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