First Real Estate Deed To A Russian

Following German British, Swedish, and Israeli citizens, now Russian citizens were also granted the right to get real estate deeds in Turkey. Formerly Russians were prohibited from getting deeds, however, the Land Register and Survey General Directorate recently removed Russians from the list of "those who cannot own a real estate in Turkey."

Chechen-origin Russian citizen Muslim Tovbulatov became the first Russian who owns a house in Turkey. Tovbulatov said; Antalya is beautiful. I am glad that I own a house here. I will show my deed to everyone that I know when I return to Russia. I am sure that they will also want to buy a house here.

Cengizhan Erdogan, the President of the Board of Directors of the Erdogan Construction, which is the company that built Club Erdogan houses, said that the fact that a Russian bought a house in Turkey would stimulate construction sector in Turkey. He said, “Now we appealed to get real estate deeds for 4 Iranians. Turkey has never granted deeds to an Iranian before.” Meanwhile, Seref Saglam, the Head of the Real Estate Agents Chamber, said that house sales would increase by 30% if Russians start to buy houses in Turkey.

According to Turkish laws, foreigners can own real estate in Turkey. However, the principle of reciprocity restricts the practice, because only the citizens of those countries that allow Turkish citizens to own real estate are allowed to own houses in Turkey.