Air Berlin says it will not change Spain Turkey

The initiative is not a detriment to the Air Berlin tourism strategy in Spain, as has assured Alvaro Middelmann , director for Spain and Portugal and is opening a new phase following the recent resignation of Joachim Hunold as CEO .

‘The creation of the new company was already planned and announced by Joachim Hunold himself for some time, "said Middelmann in relation to the reading made ​​by some German media following the resignation of CEO after the report results of the first half, when the airline lost 164 million, up 9.3% over the same period last year. Results which, according Middelmann, have been burdened by the tax applied to the airline industry by the German and Austrian Governments and by the rising price of fuel . Sun Express earned 32 percent of passengers in 2009, according to data contained in its website, and most of its operational network linking German cities to destinations Turks.

The executive reiterated that "the strategies of Air Berlin in Turkey and Spain are independent "and that the forecast to strengthen and consolidate their interconnection centers ( hub ) provides that of Palma in the foreground . He claims that the airports affected by the cuts programming this winter will be German and on their way out of Spanish regional airports, has said it may occur "where the answer to aid and collaboration has been little or no ", although it has eluded forward names.

Regarding the succession of Hunold says it does not affect the normal operation of the company in Spain and has not wanted to come to value the names being considered as possible successors, including Ralf Teckentrop and Thierry Antinori . Middelmann not saved criticism of the air traffic control situation in Spain. "The statistics of Eurocontrol are clear and the delays have an extremely negative impact on the income statement of companies. " As to whether the fault is AENA or drivers, believes that " the contract that we have is with AENA companies and currently is not met . "

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