Turkey initiated the privatization of 2,000 km of motorways

Turkey has spent months under the scrutiny of investors in infrastructure, due to the Government’s intention to give the private equity operation of highways and major bridges in the Istanbul area. But until now it was a warning that crystallized over the opening of a contest.
The Privatization Administration (OIB for its acronym in Turkish) has established a term ending Dec. 15 to receive pre-qualification bids, opens September 12 and ends on November 18. At stake, a single infrastructure package that includes up to nine toll roads and two bridges over the Bosphorus. The latter have more than one kilometer long and have become a vital means of communication for the city of Istanbul.
As to the motorway, with a global extension of 2,000 km, the most valued players in the sector is consulted born in Edirne and Istanbul unites cited Ankara over 400 kilometers.
The process of concession to private capital in line with other open in Europe, such as the privatization of the airports of Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat. However, at least three major Spanish concessionaires have closely followed the news that it has dosed the Executive Erdogan: Ferrovial, Abertis, OHL. Among its competitors, have also shown interest Atlantia Italian, Portuguese or French Brisa Egis Projects.
The package of privatization in Turkey includes references to the financial sector, textile, mining, petroleum, food and shipping, among others.
After the contest involving new highways, new processes are coming to advise the taking of positions by civil engineering firms. In anticipation is building 12 new highways worth 52,000 million dollars (35.845 million euros) until 2023.

The third bridge over the Bosporus for builder
While trying to give the private capital maintenance and operation of the two bridges crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul, the Turkish government maintains the third project to build a flyover.

However, the competition begins to accumulate delays. The Ministry of Transport have sought bids for construction along this August, but has decided to allow time for businesses and fixed the next date is January 10, 2012.

The third bridge is included in the proposed construction of the highway North of Marmara, of 415 kilometers and valued at 4,600 million, which management would be privatized for 20 years.

The Ministry of Transport has set the challenge of operating 15,000 miles of highways in the country at

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