Donald Trump’s Tips for success

Nobody can deny the ability to innovate has Trump to conduct business. However, those who know him say that it is much more than a hit man in business. The entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki, who shared the authorship of the book "Why We Want You To Be Rich" with the tycoon, says that "I came to admire Donald Trump for his identity to cameras, but I admire more because I know how really out of it. "
In his view, is a meticulous person, who likes to read, instead of wasting their time in "parties & unproductive," he sat down to read financial statements and reports and statistics A real estate average intellectual? No, because many would be surprised, says Kiyosaki, the charisma, and treatment facility that has to relate in any environment, but does not limit its character when it comes to defending their ideas. A feature that causes so many followers as hatred among their peers.
The life stories tell of a small, very early age, he was lucky to live around the real estate industry, which would mark the rest of his life. "My father was my mentor, and everything I know about the construction industry I learned from him," she responds when asked about his career.
Meanwhile, his father, Fred Trump, who also had a tough childhood, claimed that "(the) best bargains were made ​​by my son everything he touches turns to gold."
And apparently he was right, because since this magnate entered the world of real estate, the Trump signature is been synonymous with the most prestigious buildings and buildings of New York. Among the best known are the Empire State Building, Trump Tower, Trump Plaza and Trump International Plaza.
The Trump Organization has also become the largest hotel operator in the world with the world famous Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort four stars, voted "Best Casino" by readers of Casino Player magazine.
Among Trump’s properties also include luxury Mar-a-Lago Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, a famous historic mansion that once belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post and EF Hutton, and also the Trump International Golf Course.
But their exercises in finance are not limited to the estate. Besides being the owner of the Miss Universe signed in January 2004, the Trump organization, along with NBC and Burnett producing, they decided to "The Apprentice" reality show which differed slightly than usual in this television genre, because instead of preparing singers or actors to the entertainment, business was. Trump was a presenter, narrator and judge the program, in addition to being executive producer, during the first 3 seasons.
Although this is an entrepreneur who, like many others, has amassed his fortune through his efforts, is still far from leading the list of richest Forbes, the magazine in the world of business and finance, whose podium stand Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. However, Trump has an ace up his sleeve: his business and fortune recovered after a sharp break.
The phoenix of business
if the eighties were the economic peak of Trump, the nineties represented his debacle and subsequent rebirth. The employer was in serious danger of losing everything, had borrowed to finance the purchase of several casinos in Atlantic City, just as the housing market was the worst time.
The environment began to claim money. With a debt that was about eight billion dollars, the banks that previously competed to lend, he demanded payment. His salary was reduced to $ 200,000 annually, while his monthly expenses amounted to 450 thousand. He was forced by authorities to sell the Trump Princess yacht of 85 meters Adnan Kashoggi bought his private Boeing 727 airplane and a helicopter.
declared bankruptcy, the bankers demanded money and the competition against him, Trump began to find a way to profit. How? One of his casinos are publicly offered, an operation that allowed him to be awarded over two thousand 200 million dollars.
As a result, their return to the business was stronger than before. The employer knew he had to invest millions of dollars on your most valuable asset: himself.
One of the most memorable examples is the billboard that stood at the Triboro Bridge in New York, which allowed to have the image of his face with a giant Manhattan skyline in the background, and under it a legend made ​​up of only five letters: TRUMP. This image Trump announced that he was back. "Sorry folks, Donald Trump is back and bigger than ever," was one of many headlines published by the press at that time.
His business took a course extremely confrontational with their competitors, making the fall of some of them.
Questionable or not, the fact is that his strategy was successful, allowing to become one of the most famous entrepreneurs in history and a character who has much to say to all those who wish to undertake these courses.
What remains for other
The uneven business and personal life of Donald Trump, his books are in a faithful collection of tips for success. Here are expressed some of them:
"Just work with the best, this is not the best resumes but the right attitude." This phrase Trump wanted to reflect that to succeed you must surround yourself with good people, not the most winners, but those are a contribution to your goals.
"Find people who suit your style of doing things, as long you will have many fewer problems with to contend. " For the U.S. billionaire, is much easier to deal with people who you think are in character and way of life.
"No matter how good you are, no matter how well you think you know your business, you have to remain in place all the time. Not only survive the experience or skill. Even the best surgeons have to catch up but want to lose the rhythm. Whatever you head, you can not rest on their laurels. Work to make your day never ends. "
"I know you who delineate standards. Do not expect your employees to work harder than you. " As simple as: be an example.
"yourself a question: is there anyone who can do better than me? It’s another way of saying know thyself and your competition. If this is better, you need to offer something they lack. " The added value is very important in the philosophy of the businessman, because it depends on the potential success in the future.
"I am accessible to my employees, we have endless discussions, but I give them everything they need to do all your work" . While your employees have everything they need to do their job, everything will be better.
"Every new addition is a gamble. An impressive record does not always correspond with high performance. Similarly, the fact that a person has no references does not necessarily mean you do not have talent. " In this regard, Trump said that the curriculum is only a small part of everything worth is proved by facts, evidence.
"Everyone has their own style when it comes to getting results. I like to guess how it will emphasize my employees. Think that if people are our greatest resource, the best we can do is learn about them. He that is able to do this will become not only a good director, but a genius. "
"What I want is people prepared, that you take the time to make things right. I do not want or need, any record breaking time. That sounds like a disaster. "

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