Two Initiatives For EU

The Reform Monitoring Group meeting was held under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul for the 5th time. The group tackled up the article of TRT Regulation which said, “Language of broadcasts is carried out in Turkish”.

The TRT Board of Directors is to gather with jurists today to prevent trouble on this article in the future.

Gul said after the meeting that there was no need for a new law for Kurdish broadcast. Local Kurdish broadcast was also handled at the meeting. The board also discussed the application made by local GUN TV of Diyarbakir to broadcast on Kirmanci dialect.

The Reform Monitoring Group took up the pleading of Catholic and Protestant Germans to establish two churches in Alanya. After obstacles on the legal status of these churches will be removed, these two churches will be opened. Gul said that the Priests’ School was not tackled at the meeting.

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