Successful Dutch fruit and vegetable trade missions to Turkey

The second Dutch fruit and vegetable trade mission to Turkey was a huge success, says John van Wijk. It was organized by RAAD International and the Netherlands-Turkey Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

A while ago, ten Dutch companies, all active in the fruit and vegetable world, left to visit two major agricultural regions in Turkey.

Participants included Combilo B.V., Frutolia, Logistic Business Partners (Rotterdam) B.V., Peru World B.V., Sawari Fresh International B.V., Impact Design Centre B.V., Vita Verde B.V., and Vitaal Europe B.V.

First, the Mersin Chamber of Commerce received the delegation. Its members were invited to meet their Dutch guests for a B2B meeting session.

This session, where initial, valuable contacts could be laid, was very well attended. In the following days, the delegation visited several local fruit and vegetable companies. The visitors gained insight into growing methods, saw how sustainability is handled and exchanged ideas about business opportunities.

Two days later, the group moved on to a different Turkish farming region near the resort city of Antalya. Here, too, the participating companies held a business-to-business meeting to which selected local companies were invited.

More visits to several cultivation companies and packing facilities followed that fruitful morning. After a stop at the Interfresh Eurasia in Antalya, which coincided with the trade mission, the group returned to the Netherlands.

During the trip, it became evident that Turkish fruit and vegetable companies are not yet greatly focused on Western Europe. That country, thus, offers fantastic opportunities. Turkey traditionally trades with its surrounding countries and Russia. And, given Europe’s economic situation, Turkish companies tend to fall back on that.

Yet, in the long term – also, now that there will be far less lit cultivation in the Netherlands – it seems opportunities abound for Dutch fruit and vegetable traders and Turkish growers and exporters to join forces.

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