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Miami FL Real Estate Market Continues To Dominate The Florida Market In Home And Condo Sales

When we talk about the Miami FL real estate, one thing that comes to mind are the number of foreign buyers and investors taking each available property they find to their liking – and most do it via cash payments, no less. “If buyers are paying in cash most of the time, you can expect a slight increase in real estate recovery.” – Richard Gerard, 34, a real estate analyst said during a phone interview.

One of the most important aspects when you think about investing is the fact that home properties in Miami are still abundant in supply, so it is highly advisable to check the different Miami FL real estate markets available to ensure that every penny you have spent is truly worth it. When we talk about the real estate property sales in the 2nd quarter of 2011, all we can say is that a lot of Miami’s inventory has been purchased at a very alarming rate – grossing up to 63 percent sales increase in just 7 months!

If you closely examine the facts on real estate property sales for 2011, both figures are set against the contrasting figures taken in 2009 and that makes for a reasonable timeframe to assess whether the market is going at a definite incline or not. And, as we can see, things definitely are taking on an upward movement for the real estate market of Miami. First, we have homes which are in the $1 million and up price range; these have gone up to over 40% in total. As for homes which are in the $2 million and up price range, a staggering increase of almost 80% has been noted.

Put these things in together with the natural brilliance that fills this spectacular city, it would be no surprise at all to see how the Miami FL real estate market will prove to be something that never backs down no matter how many times push would ever have to come to shove. With all the positive growth that people have noted to be visible on the Miami real estate market, it is no surprise that there will be many more sunny days up ahead as people from far and wide learn about the great opportunities that await them in one of the most beautiful places anyone can find in the United States – so invest in Miami today and experience a great deal of accomplishment for yourself.

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Miami FL Real Estate

Miami FL Real Estate