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Meet Yuri Milner – The Newest Multi-Millionaire Home Property Owner In The United States

As of 2011, the total amount of revenue the international buyers and investors is $84 billion, more or less, in just a span of a year! Compared to last year’s 24 percent amounting to less than $20 billion, real estate experts believe that more buyers and investors, whether foreign or local, will be flocking countless real estate markets for great buys.

Yuri Milner, along with Vladislav Doronin, Igor Krutoy and Roustam Tariko are the proud owners of high-end exclusive home properties in the United States. Some of these properties are found in Miami (Tariko and Doronin) while the others can be found on Silicon Valley (Milner) and the Hamptons (Krutoy).

With Milner’s recent home property purchase, he is by far the wealthiest home property owner that is of Russian descent in the United States today.

Quentin Battle
Daily News Miami

Daily News Miami