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Luxury Home Developer Toll Brothers Incorporated Leads Fiscal Earnings For The 3rd Quarter of 2011

In fact, if you look at the recent reports – Toll Brothers Inc. – one of the leading developers in the country has had a 54 percent boost in earnings this third quarter because of a big tax benefit handed to them. But that doesn’t mean that the Toll Brothers Inc. is out of the woods yet. After gaining 54 percent in earnings, their revenue has dropped significantly during July – which was believed to be recorded as the lowest it had in a span of just 5 months – which is very alarming to a lot of developers.

Now that more and more properties are being sold to different buyers and investors nationwide, Toll Brothers Inc. is focusing all their energy on the higher end of the real estate properties with their luxurious home properties up for sale. You can never question Toll Brothers Inc.’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that is why a lot of their competitors’ “luxury homes” is not on the same level as the Toll Brothers Inc. has.

Getting to see a decline in your revenue of as much as 13 percent (amounting to $394.3 million) is a big issue, but Toll Brothers Inc. is willing to let things roll for now because for one; they are the largest home builders in the country, and there are always negotiations and offers extended to them since they have already established a solid name in the industry

Quentin Battle
Daily News Miami

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