Gul: We Will Overcome Obstacles About E.U. Issue

When he was reminded about some statements of German Foreign Minister about Turkey’s EU membership during the Copenhagen Summit, Gul said, ”these are not new things and such things sometimes occur.”
Recalling that Britain was returned twice by the Union before it became a full member, Gul said, ”what is important is to fulfil our obligations and to press on the EU. This is what Turkey will do. Ask these questions to those who make such statements whenever you see them. Our path is certain and this road is a road of no return for both the EU and Turkey.”
Gul noted that reforms were made for Turkish people and those who wanted to put such obstacles before Turkey would face difficulties and Turkey would continue to walk on that road.
Asked if new obstacles would be put forth Turkey by the EU in 2004, Gul said, ”we will see. Maybe, some obstacles can be put forth before that day but we will overcome them.”
When he was reminded about the news that Turkey could provide some facilitation to the Greek Cypriot side if the embargo imposed on Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was lifted, Gul said that these were not new factors and TRNC President Rauf Denktas’ proposals covered those elements.
Gul defined the proposals of Denktas as ”confidence building proposals which were targeting at mutual cooperation, which indicated good will and which were a preparation for a more comprehensive solution.”
Replying to a question about the approaches of the Kurdish group in Northern Iraq towards Mosul and Kirkuk, Gul said that Turkey put forth its sensitivities about Iraq’s integrity and Northern Iraq and noted, ”I am sure that these sensitivities will be taken seriously.”

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