Greek Leader Papadopoulos Desires

On the other hand, TRNC President Rauf Denktas briefed the media about the 5th round of negotiations that finished yesterday and added that physically, such an approval is impossible and Papadopoulos knows it.

Denktas also complained about the Greek side’s disclosure of the revisions bit by bit instead of giving them all at once. As a result of the increasing pressure, the Greek side agreed to submit all the proposals within a couple of days.

Denktas said the ‘exchange process’ was discussed in the 5th meeting; however, the expected progress was not achieved. The President announced that the Turkish side will answer the Greek side’s proposal on Monday.

Denktas dismissed speculation that in the proceeding phase of the negotiations, the guarantor states (Turkey, Greece, and England) and the U.S. will become involved in the meeting. On the other hand, he did not deny the news that he wants a 2-year postponement of the Greek side’s E.U. membership.

Meanwhile, Cypriot-Greek Foreign Minister Georges Yakovu said that in a written answer to Denktas, Papadopoluos refused all of the Turkish suggestions and that at this stage, he has not offered any counter-suggestions.