Every time They Have A Problem, They Knock On Turkey’s Door

We are not the only ones to say so. Italian magazine " Panorama " points out the problems that arose from the Kurdish groups in Northern Iraq. It indicates that we cannot rely a lot on the Peshmarka fighters, partisans of Barzani and Talabani. The article reminded that the Peshmarka are not actually combatants, and added that Peshmarka Parsani are smugglers, and that, in the last 20 years, Barzani supported Iran against Saddam and Turkey, as well as Turkey against the PKK and Saddam against Iran, and now it is supporting the U.S.

How did Turkey deal with the Kurds? Throughout history, the Kurds in Iraq knocked on Turkey’s doors every time they felt bad. For the Kurds in Iraq, along with their political leaders, have been using Turkey for the past 31 years, as the most important gate to open up to the external world. They carry on trade through that same gate. In addition, Turkey protected them from the others and from other Kurdish groups in the region. Turkey played the mediator role between these groups, when clashes occurred. Turkey played an important role in the security cover that protected them from the Iraqi regime’s attacks. If people in Northern Iraq lived in security since 1991 and until now, it is thanks to Turkey. Turkey paid the price of it by making its people go through an economic crisis. Turkey received from the Kurds living in Northern Iraq nothing but unfaithfulness, protests, burning flags, and other hostile acts. In a word, it found only ingratitude.

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