What’s the financial cost of the war on Gaza?

Israel says the fighting is costing it millions of dollars every day as Gaza suffers unprecedented devastation.

A depleted workforce. The closure of schools and businesses. And now, spiralling military expenses.

Economists warn that the cost to Israel of its war on Gaza will be unlike anything it has experienced in decades.

Israel’s declaration of war more than three weeks ago following a surprise attack by Hamas has jolted global financial and energy markets.

And the devastation in the Gaza Strip is unprecedented

So what’s the real cost to both sides?

And what’s the impact in the region and globally?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Menachem Klein – professor of political science at Bar-Ilan University

Natasha Lindstaedt – Deputy dean in the Department of Government at the University of Essex

Yousef Munayyer – head of the Palestine/Israel programme and senior fellow at the Arab Center

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