US to expel Russian diplomats at UN: Russia-Ukraine live updates

Move comes as United Nations General Assembly is holding its first emergency session over ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

  • US announces plans to expel 12 Russian diplomats from country’s UN mission in New York.
  • UN General Assembly holds emergency meeting on Ukraine.
  • ICC prosecutor says he plans to launch investigation into alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity in Ukraine.
  • High-level talks between Kyiv and Moscow end with no agreement except to keep talking.
  • US, UK, EU, Canada impose sanctions on Russia’s central bank.
  • Civilian death toll now stands at 352 people, including 14 children, Ukraine’s health ministry says.
  • More than 500,000 people have fled Ukraine since Russian invasion began, UN says.
  • FIFA and UEFA suspend Russia from international football.

Here are the latest updates:

Refugee movement from Ukraine to neighboring countries(Al Jazeera)

Western leaders laud ‘bravery of the Ukrainian people’

US President Joe Biden held a phone call with leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Romania and the UK as well as representatives of NATO and the European Union, the White House said on Monday.

“The leaders recognized the bravery of the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian aggression and discussed their continued support to Ukraine, including security, economic, and humanitarian assistance,” the White House said in a statement describing the talks.

“They also discussed their coordinated efforts to impose severe costs and consequences to hold Russia accountable while working to maintain global economic stability, including with regard to energy prices.”

US to expel 12 Russian diplomats from UN mission

The United States has announced plans to expel 12 Russian diplomats from Moscow’s mission to the United Nations in New York.

In a statement on Monday, the US mission to the UN said it had started the process of expelling the diplomats for “engaging in espionage activities that are adverse to our national security”. It described the diplomats as “intelligence operatives”.

Denouncing the US move as “hostile”, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told reporters the diplomats had been asked to leave by March 7.

ICC announces plans to launch investigation

The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor says he plans to launch an investigation into the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying there is a “reasonable basis” to believe that war crimes have taken place.

Karim A A Khan said the probe would look into alleged crimes committed by “any party to the conflict on any part of the territory of Ukraine”, adding that his office will proceed with the investigation “as rapidly as possible”.

“I am satisfied that there is a reasonable basis to believe that both alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in Ukraine,” Khan said in a statement.

Banning Russian flights is not off the table: White House

The White House said barring Russian flights over the United States is not off the table but there had not been a decision made on the matter.

“No option is off the table,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters. Psaki noted there are a lot of US airlines that fly over Russia to get to Asia and other parts of the world. “We factor in a range of factors,” she said.


EU slaps 26 additional Russians with sanctions

The European Union has imposed sanctions on 26 more Russians, including oligarchs, senior officials and an energy insurance company, bringing the total of people targeted to 680.

EU headquarters said those listed include “oligarchs and businessmen active in the oil, banking and finance sectors”, government officials, top military brass and “propagandists who contributed to spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda and promote a positive attitude towards the invasion of Ukraine”.

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