Türkiye warns citizens of possible Islamophobic attacks following Quran burnings in Europe

Türkiye warned its citizens Saturday about possible “racist, xenophobic and anti-Islam attacks” in the US and Europe following public burnings of the Quran in Denmark on Friday and in Sweden last weekend.

In a press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in strongest terms what it called the latest “hate crime”.  Speaking on these events across Europe, the Ministry said:

The fact that this despicable act, which was carried out in Denmark after Sweden and the Netherlands, was not prevented despite all our warnings is worrying, as it reveals the dangerous dimensions of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe by abusing the so-called freedom atmosphere.

The Ministry warned that tolerating these acts offended the sensitivities of millions of Europeans and threatened peaceful coexistence. Further, it said that this “provokes racist, xenophobic and anti-Islamic attacks which take place every day somewhere in Europe.”

The Ministry also reminded foreign governments of their responsibilities towards marginalized Muslims and emphasised that such governments must not act as bystanders in vindicating religious rights.

In response to these acts, several western governments have issued travel and security warnings to their citizens about safety in Türkiye. In the wake of the Quran burnings, the US Embassy and Consulates in Türkiye cautioned its citizens against possible retaliatory terrorist attacks by terrorists. The security alert noted that, “Terrorists could attack with little or no warning, targeting places of worship or places Westerners frequent.”

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