Turkiye to boost investment in hydrogen engines

ANKARA: The Turkish government plans to increase investment in hydrogen fuel cells, their components and hydrogen-powered engines a year after the launch of the country’s first domestically-produced electric car, Sputnik quoted Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit report on Friday.

The engines are expected to be produced locally, the report said, adding that the move will help cut costs for imported oil by over 40 per cent by using electric- or hydrogen-powered vehicles, as well as produce green hydrogen with zero emissions.

Turkiye unveiled its first Togg electric car in October last year. The cheapest vehicle with a 160-kilowatt battery and capable of covering 195 miles on one charge will cost over US$50,000. The country is planning to manufacture one million of these cars within seven years, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.-Bernama

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