Türkiye seizes 50 migrant smugglers: interior minister

STORY: Türkiye seizes 50 migrant smugglers: interior ministerDATELINE: July 28, 2023LENGTH: 00:01:04LOCATION: ISTANBUL, TürkiyeCATEGORY: POLITICS SHOTLIST:1. various of migrant smugglers caught in operations being taken to police headquarters in Istanbul, Türkiye2. various of illegal immigrants caught during inspections being put on buses and deported in Türkiye STORYLINE: Fifty migrant smugglers have been seized by Turkish police in operations across three provinces, the interior minister said on Thursday. The raids took place in Istanbul and the northwestern provinces of Edirne and Tekirdag, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced on Twitter. Of the 50 seized smugglers, 30 were detained, and two were placed under judicial control, Yerlikaya added. He did not provide further details about the remaining suspects. The minister promised that Türkiye would not provide a safe haven for migrant smugglers. Türkiye is a transit country for many illegal immigrants who leave for Europe on risky journeys. Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from Istanbul, Türkiye.(XHTV)

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