Türkiye: Scaling-up Distributed Solar PVs in Türkiye, Program for Results (PforR) – Projects – AIIB


To facilitate and scale up distributed solar energy and battery energy storage investments in Türkiye.


The Program aims to help the Government of Türkiye (GoT) to achieve its renewable energy targets by unlocking the underdeveloped potential of the distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) market. It will support investments in the installation of distributed solar PV systems (DSPV) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) in industrial, commercial, public, and residential buildings. The Program will develop innovative financing models and products tailored to solar PV investments for small and medium-scale consumers. The proposed PforR is being developed by the World Bank (WB) and the GoT to contribute to achieving the country’s solar PV capacity targets. WB and AIIB will provide sovereign-backed financing to Türkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankas? A.?. (TSKB) and Türkiye Kalk?nma ve Yat?r?m Bankas? A.?. (TKYB).


An Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA), which involves assessing the country’s systems for managing ES risks and impacts of the PforR, will be conducted by the WB in accordance with its PforR Policy. The ESSA will include a Program Action Plan (PAP) to address any gaps identified in the ESSA. WB has already carried out an initial ES screening to identify ES risks and potential impacts as well as opportunities that may be associated with the Program. Overall, it is anticipated that the PforR Program will have positive environmental and social impacts, such as reducing local pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions and improved access to renewable energy sources.

The main ES risks and impacts are associated with adverse environmental impacts and risks such as (i) dust and noise and emission of pollutants during installation activities; (ii) solid and hazardous wastes; (iii) degradation of soil; and (iv) occupational health and safety risks. Potential social impacts and risks include (i) occupational health and safety risks during installation of rooftop solar PV, ground-mounted solar PV, and BESS; (ii) potential small land acquisition risks during installation of ground-mounted solar PV, and BESS.

The WB’s requirements in terms of Grievance Mechanism will apply to the Program and AIIB team will be informed on regular intervals. The PforR may consider carrying out a satisfaction survey of sub-borrowers from TSKB and TKYB to receive feedback on the main activities of the PforR – to be confirmed before the appraisal review. The ESSA will be disclosed on the WB’s website in English and Turkish, and AIIB’s website will include links to the documentation on the WB’s website.

The WB’s independent accountability mechanism addresses issues raised by persons adversely affected by a WB-financed operation and allows them to report alleged noncompliance with the WB’s operational policies and procedures, including its PforR Policy.

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