Türkiye saw excessive number of doctor visits last year – Türkiye News


Türkiye, with a population of 85 million, witnessed more than 854 million doctor visits in 2022, marking a 26 percent increase compared to the previous year, local media has reported.

This statistic implies that, on average, a person in Türkiye sought medical attention about 10 times a year, while Türkiye ranks second in Europe, following Slovakia, in terms of the highest number of visits to health care institutions.

Ayhan Özhasenekler, a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Emergency Medicine Association, explained that emergency services are the most common place of applications, adding, “not all of these visits are for genuinely urgent” medical issues.

“Especially those who want to avoid waiting in line at outpatient clinics or cannot secure an appointment are contributing to the increase in visits to emergency services. The understanding that going to the emergency room, rather than the outpatient clinic, will expedite matters is a common reason for these visits,” Özhasenekler stated.

“In reality, a patient with a simple respiratory infection can often manage it at home by consuming hot beverages, resting, staying hydrated and being mindful of their diet. Unfortunately, some patients insist on seeking hospital care, believing that they require medication or intravenous support, thus leading to a significant increase in emergency room visits based on self-perceived needs,” he added.

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