‘Turkey teeth’ are giving UK dentists nightmares

‘Turkey teeth’, the apparently latest trend to beautify your teeth by visiting the country is creating headache for dentists in UK who are having to do perform remedial dental surgeries for botched procedures. A BBC report has thrown light on the trend which was sparked by reality show ‘Love Island.’

The report mentions the case of Lisa Martyn who flew to Turkey to get the teeth procedure done for all her teeth. She visited the country last year. She thought she wan getting veneers, which are thin shells place around teeth when they are minimally filed down. After few months, she realised that she had been given crowns. Fixing crowns on a tooth results in filing it down to the extent of 60-70 per cent.

“My teeth are gone. They’re filed down so much,” Lisa says as quoted by BBC. 

“They never said your teeth can die, that you can get an abscess.”

As per the report, Lisa has developed variety of problems like nerve sensitivity and extreme pain. She had to rely on painkillers and lost more than 12 kgs of weight as she could not chew food properly. The procedure she underwent in Turkey cost her 3500 euros. The remedial procedure in UK cost her more than 2000 euros. Long term treatment suggested for her is dentures or implants.

BBC has said that hundreds of doctors in UK have treated patients with complications arising from Turkey teeth.

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