Turkey mandates salmonella test for all Kinder products

Turkey announced on Tuesday that all Kinder products will be tested against salmonella amid concerns of potential contamination.

According to the Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, salmonella has not been detected in any of the Kinder products in the country so far.

In a statement on Wednesday, manufacturer Ferrero Turkey also confirmed that all Kinder products in the Turkish market are safe, but the frequency of microbiological analysis was increased.

Salmonella bacteria cause gastrointestinal disorders, which adversely affect young children, immunocompromised subjects, pregnant women, and the elderly. The symptoms include a high fever within 48 hours of consuming the contaminated products.

Salmonella outbreak at the Ferrero factory in Arlon, Belgium earlier this month has led the chocolate firm recalling batches of Kinder products in various countries.

Several salmonella cases have since been reported in EU countries and the UK, with the vast majority of those sick being younger than 10 years old.

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