The Proper Care for Your Marble Tiles

Unlike any other countertops, marble tiles are not known for being durable. It is a strong stone but sensitive to common kitchen items like cleaning chemicals, juices containing citric acid and oily liquids. These fluids will eventually erode the beauty of the marble stone or making it look cloudy. Here are some of the tips on how you can clean and care for your marble countertops.

In cleaning your tiles, it is important to know the right tools to be used when cleaning them. You should use specialized stone soap or a neutral cleaner when cleaning these tiles. A softy bristle brush is also necessary when getting rid of the stains. You can also use softy wash cloth or sponge when cleaning your tiles. By merely using these cleaning tool plus warm water you can be sure to maintain the luster and beauty of these tiles. After cleaning your tiles, it is important to apply sealer or wax in order to protect your tiles from stain and spillage.

Preparing your countertop

Before you start cleaning your marble tile with your specialized products, you have to use first a soft bristle brush in order to lose the surface dirt; you have to wipe away the dirt on the surface of the stone.

Used specialized cleaner

When cleaning your tiles, it is very important to use only those specialized cleaning products that are made especially for marble tiles. The best marble-friendly cleaning products are those phosphate-free solutions or even dishwashing soap. The best way to use any cleaning products on your marble tiles is to rinse off the soap instantly with warm water to keep from during out the marble.

Removing stains

Stained marble tiles leave you with two options: live with the stain or live with etched tiles where the stain used to be.ost of the cleaners that remove stains from your marble countertop do so by removing the stains and at the same time damaging the surface finish.

Sealing the tiles

When you are done cleaning your countertop, you need to seal it to keep oils and dirt from causing damage again. It is not a good idea to use wax, especially for white marble because this can cause the marble to yellow. The best option when sealing your tiles is use stone sealer that is designed specifically for protecting the tile and helping it to resist the oils and dirt you just spent so much time and energy in removing.

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Marble Tiles

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