Testimony of the Greek Cypriot Priest, Papatsetsos

Interview & the Testimony of the Greek Cypriot Priest, Papatsetsos,
as Published in Local Greek Newspaper, Ta Nea on 28 February 1976

PAPATSETSOS: Two days after Greek military coup of July 1974, I witnessed something which has perhaps never been witnessed by any mortal before. I saw a young Greek Cypriot buried alive. That was when two Greek Junta officers came to my house and ordered me to accompany them to the cemetery. I thought they were going to kill me, but they said they only wanted me for burying some dead people.
In the cemetery there were two open graves and two bodies lying beside them. I went to see if I could recognize them. One was dead. But the other, a curly haired, fair-com- plexioned, 18 year-old youth, was moving. Startled, I turned back and shouted:’But officer, this man is alive!’

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