Tesla Increases Model Y Prices in Turkey: Here are the New Prices!

Tesla Increases Model Y Prices in Turkey: Here are the New Prices!

Tesla once again increased its Model Y prices in Turkey after the increase it made last month. Here are the new prices and details!

Entering the Turkish market in April and starting to take pre-orders for Model Y, Tesla has increased its price for the second time in a row as of today.

According to the information on Tesla Turkey’s website, the price of Model Y with rear-wheel drive and a range of 430 km has been updated as 1 million 775 thousand 876349 TL, including taxes. The sales price of the twin-engine four-wheel drive Model Y Long Range has also been updated and reached 1 million 853 thousand 721 TL, including taxes.

The best-in-class Model Y Performance has been updated with a price of 1 million 954 thousand 646 TL, including taxes. Model Y Performance has a range of 514 km and a top speed of 250 km/h.

Tesla Increases Model Y

This new price increase of Tesla was recorded as the second price increase that took place last month. In addition, the company had previously delayed delivery dates.

Anyone who orders a Tesla Model Y will be able to receive the vehicle in January 2024 at the earliest, but if Tesla Turkey changes the delivery dates again, the delivery date may be delayed or delayed. In addition, the user will pay the price on the date of receipt of the vehicle, not the price on the order date. So if the price rises again in January 2024, the difference will have to be paid.

In addition, Model Y, whose SCT base is at the level of 1,000,000 TL, will increase to 60% if the price exceeds 1,350,000 TL. This means that the sales price of the vehicle may reach the level of 2,500,000 TL in the future.

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