Swyft Cities is the winner of the TechCrunch Mobility 2022 pitch-off! – TechCrunch

TechCrunch is excited to announce Swyft Cities won the TechCrunch Mobility Sessions 2022, and are fast-tracked into the Battlefield 200. Beyond Aero is runner up.

The Mountain View-based company is committed to improving transportation through the use of autonomous lightweight, fixed cable vehicles. The company says that its solution offers a lower cost per mile with fewer carbon emissions than conventional transportation alternatives.

Swyft sees this as a new form of urban mobility that can solve solve transportation problems in densely developed areas including corporate campuses, airports, universities and tourism districts. The platform is novel in that the vehicles move on a stationary cable, allowing for new connections that can be added when needed. This adds capacity into an area, allowing higher density and more profitable developments. It also reduces costs on parking and traffic mitigation. In some areas, providing connections within the site can drive high value.

Beyond Aero, based out of Paris/Toulouse, France, is building long range aircraft powered by hydrogen-electric propulsion. The first aircraft is a zero emission private aircraft (6-9 seat), designed for hydrogen propulsion, flying 1,000 miles in range.

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