So-called Armenian Genocide Allegations Taken To Curriculum Of Universities

Oznal said that a book entitled, ”Armenian Problems Booklet” including a summary of information on the issue was published and noted that students at universities could study this book. Stating that they planned to send lecturers who had knowledge on Armenian problem to meetings which would be held abroad, Oznal said that Turkey has not reacted to so-called Armenian genocide allegations so far and that’s why it suffered from statements claiming ”you committed genocide and you should accept it”.
Oznal said that they would show that Turkey is right on the issue to the world and stated, ”we will fight for it till the end. They have reached the point where they stand within 30 years.” Oznal said that their aim was to search scientifically ”Turkish-Armenian relations, Armenian culture, policy, foreign relations, religion, community structure, language and literature, economy and history” and inform the public opinion about those issues.
He added that the committee would be comprised of 14 people including two scholars who were experts on Armenia and Caucasus, seven researchers and five high level officials.


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