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Rent of exclusive gazebos hits 10,000 euros in Bodrum

The summer season in world-famous tourism hub Bodrum has started with the long-known discussion of prices out of sight of some famous beach clubs, where the rent of some exclusive gazebos is 10,000 euros, while the price of a lahmacun dish is 200 Turkish Liras ($12.60).


The entrance fee per person to many beach clubs in Bodrum will be around 150 liras ($9.40). However, this price may rise to as much as 1,500 liras ($94.30) at some famous beach clubs.

The price of a hamburger varies between 35 and 200 liras depending on the ingredients added.

“Every service has a cost, like paying the price of wearing an elegant shirt,” Ömer Faruk Dengiz, the head of Bodrum Hotel Owners Association, told Demirören News Agency yesterday.

Defending the high prices, Dengiz said, “If the price of a lahmacun is 200 liras, there must be a reason, like the quality of the product and the service.”

When asked about the gazebo fees, the association head added, “Around 10,000 euros. This price is the fee of closing a part of the beach to the demander.”

Though, Dengiz highlighted that a perception that “Bodrum is expensive” should not be formed.


“The high, medium and low price costs are performed everywhere in the world,” he added.

The association head warned tourists to claim their rights if the service is bad and the prices are high.

“If the venue is a hovel, but the prices are high, you should think. I totally oppose it.”

The very famous beach club in Bodrum discussed with its prices every year is Maçakızı, a prestigious hotel in the Göltürkbükü neighborhood.

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