Over half of those who have visited Turkey say it has best culture in the world

The weather and climate, affordable prices, and cuisine are some of the top things that draw holidaymakers to visiting Turkey – as the country has been named the fastest-growing holiday destination of the last five years.

Over half of those who have travelled to Turkey (53%) say it has some of the best culture and history in the world, while 44% feel its beaches are unparalleled.

But 51%, of the 2,000 adults polled, appreciate the fact that Turkey offers a range of experiences – from visiting the ancient city of Ephesus (20%) and the Roman mosaics (17%), to taking a traditional Turkish bath (12%).

And when it comes to Turkish cuisine, sweet treats such as baklava (21%) and Turkish Delight (21%) were named the favourite delicacies, followed by homemade Turkish doner kebab (20%) – while 10% enjoy a strong Turkish coffee.

The research was commissioned by tour operator, Jet2holidays, which revealed that flight programmes to Turkey have tripled since 2018.

Some of the top reasons for this growth include demand for an upsurge in flying frequency, longer seasons, and the launch of holidays to a new Turkish destination, Izmir, in 2019, according to Jet2holidays.

Year-round sunshine, and the country’s natural beauty, also make Turkey – which, last year, made the move to change its international recognised official name in English to Türkiye – a popular choice for couples and families.

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