Number of foreign companies in Türkiye reaches record-high

BAKU, Azerbaijan, January 22. The
number of companies with foreign capital in Türkiye has reached
20,135 in 2022, which is the highest figure since 2010, Trend reports.

The interest of foreign investors in Türkiye in the
period from 2010 through 2022 shows a steady growth.

Against the background the recession of the pandemic
crisis, the number of newly established companies with foreign
capital in Türkiye in 2021 increased by 29.7 percent to 13,445, and
a 50 percent increase in the number of companies in this category
in 2022 was the highest figure in four years.

The largest number of companies with foreign capital
in Türkiye in 2022 was opened with the participation of Russian
citizens. Last year, a total of 1,363 companies with Russian
participation were opened (140 joint-stock companies and 1,223
limited liability companies).

This is followed by companies with the participation
of the capital of Iranian citizens – 1,300 (55 joint-stock
companies and 1,245 limited liability companies). Companies with
capital participation of German citizens ranked third – 484 (111
joint-stock companies and 373 limited liability companies).

Foreign citizens mainly invested in the wholesale
trade sector. As many as 3,070 companies have started operating in
this area. This is followed by the real estate sector – 1,043
companies, commercial and other services – 938 companies.

A total of 62 percent of foreign-owned companies
established in Türkiye in 2022 are in Istanbul. As many as 12,462
such companies have been established in this province. Followed by:
Antalya – 1,648 and Ankara – 821.

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