New GoPro battery grip triples your action-cam shooting time – TechCrunch

You just know your battery will kick the bucket at the worst possible time, right when you’ve perfected your sick, hella nar-nar skateboard tricks, bruh. The new GoPro HERO10 Black Creator Edition (who names these things, jeez) has directional audio, 5.3K video, an LED light source and the powered Volta grip.

It’s wild to think back to 2006, when the first HERO camera was released, complete with pre-loaded 35mm film and a $22 price tag. The Hero10 is a very different beast indeed. It costs two arms and a number of legs — it will set you back an eye-watering $784.95 (or the equally bizarre price tag of $531.95, if you also sign up for a one-year GoPro subscription).

The camera has some fun software tricks up its sleeve as well, including its award-winning HyperSmooth digital video stabilization, and the option to shoot 1/8-speed slow-mo video.

“HERO10 Creator Edition is like having Hollywood in your hand. It’s the perfect setup for recording professional-quality video when vlogging, filmmaking or even livestreaming,” says GoPro CEO and founder Nicholas Woodman. “Leave the extra batteries and gear behind, all you need is the Creator Edition, and you can create cinematic magic — all day long. You’ll have to recharge and refuel yourself before you even think about recharging your GoPro.”

The Volta battery grip packs an additional 4,900 mAh battery, and is capable of working in conjunction with the camera’s built-in battery to give you four hours of 30fps 4K recording. If you shoot lower resolutions, it stretches that battery life even further. Cleverly, the hand grip has legs; fold ’em out and you have a tripod for stationary shots and/or time-lapse shooting.

Volta is also compatible with HERO9 Black, and it will charge any USB-C-compatible device, including GoPro MAX and older GoPro cameras. You can buy it separately for $90.99 if you’re a GoPro subscriber, or $129.99 sans subscription.

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