Mother still seeking answers after toddler’s death from holiday infection

The family of a British toddler who died after contracting a stomach bug at a hotel in Turkey hopes an inquest will provide answers as to why their “princess was taken”.

Allie Birchall, two, developed complications after staying at the Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort and Spa in Antalya.

Her family had to make the decision to switch off her life support after she was flown back to the UK and had been rushed to hospital.

Allie died on 3 August, 2019 – just three weeks before her third birthday – and less than two weeks after returning home from their holiday at the resort.

The family all suffered from gastric symptoms during the course of their holiday, which was booked through tour operator Jet2 Holidays.

The two-year-old girl who died after she contracted a serious bacterial infection during a holiday to Turkey in 2019


Allie first began to show signs of illness on 27 July, 2019, about four days after returning home from Turkey.

Her condition worsened and she was diagnosed with E.Coli. An MRI scan revealed that the toddler had sustained brain damage.

Allie, from Atherton in Wigan, Greater Manchester, was placed in a coma to try and save her life on 1 August, but she died two days later.

An inquest into her death is due to take place at Manchester City Coroner’s Court on 17 May.

Katie Dawson, 36, said she was desperate for answers as to how her daughter died.

Ms Dawson said: “The past three years have been the worst of my life. I still struggle to accept that Allie has gone, as she was so full of life and such a happy little girl.

“All of us fell ill around about the time of our holiday to Turkey, but we didn’t think for one minute that it would end the way it did.

“Our lives haven’t been the same since then and while we can’t turn back the clock and change what happened, we need answers as to why our princess was taken from us.

“It’s the least we deserve and we hope the inquest will provide us with these.”

An inquest into Allie’s death was opened last year before being adjourned.

The brief hearing heard her cause of death was “encephalopathy and other complications associated with haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) due to toxins produced from E. Coli”.

The court heard evidence from a report by consultant microbiologist, Dr Vanya Gant, which said the strain of E. Coli was “almost certainly acquired in Turkey”.

Allie Birchall, from Atherton in Wigan, Greater Manchester, was placed in a coma to try and save her life on 1 August, 2019, but she sadly died just two days later


It was also heard that other family members had fallen ill around the time of the holiday and the family had concerns regarding standards of hygiene at the resort.

Jatinder Paul, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who is representing Allie’s family, said: “It’s almost three years since Allie died and her loved ones are understandably still devastated at losing her in such a tragic way.

“The family were really looking forward to their holiday in Turkey, but after they returned home Allie fell ill and what they then had to go through was the worst experience of their lives.”

“While we can’t change the suffering they’ve had to endure, we’re determined to help them obtain the answers they deserve and will continue to support them throughout the inquest process.

“If, during the course of the inquest any issues are identified, we also call for lessons to be learned.”


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