Kymyz Fest Festival Publicizes Kazakh National Drink in Türkiye – The Astana Times

ASTANA – The first Kymyz (horse milk) Fest festival dedicated to the Kazakh national drink took place in Ankara on May 21, announced the Kazakh embassy in Ankara on its Instagram page. 

Photo credit: TURKSOY Twitter account.

The organizers discussed the health benefits of kymyz, shared the secrets of grazing horses on zhailau (pasture), showed the process of making the traditional drink, and covered other aspects of Kazakhstan’s culture. The art of traditional carpet weaving was of particular interest to the attendees. .   

Each Kazakh yurt offered a rich dastarkhan (served table) where everyone could enjoy traditional Kazakh dishes, including meat and pilaf. In line with Kazakh customs, the most valued guests were honored with the traditional ceremonial ‘bas tartu,’ where the guest received a boiled ram’s head and shared its parts with other guests.  

Kymyz remains a popular drink in Kazakh culture. It supports the immune system and quenches thirst. Traditionally, it was shared with neighbors and guests after the first milking, while people danced, sang, and played national games. 

The festival was attended by residents, politicians, and cultural figures of Türkiye. 

The event was organized by the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY), the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Kazakh embassy in Türkiye. It was held in the Kazak obası, which translates as a stopover or an overnight place for Kazakh nomads.

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