Kordsa to expand tire cord capacity in Turkey

At Izmit, a $18 million investment in adding capacity for high modulus low shrinkage (HMLS) polyester yarn is expected to start operation in the third quarter of 2024, said Yildirim.

Started in 2019, the project will add 7,000 metric tons per year (7 ktpa) of production capacity to bring total output for HMLS polyester yarns to 34 ktpa at the Turkish plant.

The new capacity, according to Yildirim, will strengthen Kordsa’s position in producing new generation polyester yarn products for the tire industry.

Kordsa also has recently launched a $20 million investment project to double production capacity at its tire cord fabric manufacturing facility in Chattanooga.

“Our tire cord fabric production capacity in U.S. today is 16 ktpa,” said Yildirim, “the new line will be adding (18,000 metric tons), so doubling our capacity.”

According to the Kordsa official, the company’s production site in North America is currently running at full capacity “to locally support our customers in the region.”

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