Italian attaché : I see Turkey as EU member

Trade attaches of EU member countries including France, Finland, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Italy visited Bursa Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (BUSIAD).

Pastorelli said that they aimed to see the course of economy and how problems were overcome during their visits to several cities.

They saw that Turkey has fulfilled legal obligations in EU adjustment process to a great extent, Pastorelli emphasized.

Pastorelli said that they would explain this in their countries.

However, Pastorelli stated, putting into practice the laws that had been passed was more important. He said that the government had promised to implement the laws.

Pastorelli said that there were two important incidents on Turkey’s road to EU, including the progress report to be unveiled in October and the final report to be announced in December.

They expected both reports to further improve relations with Turkey, Pastorelli added.

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