Is Democratic Republic of Congo on the path to renewed violence?

Opposition wants the presidential vote annulled and is planning mass protests.

Almost a week on from elections in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), voters are waiting anxiously for the results.

The presidential poll was marred by logistical problems and credibility concerns.

The Electoral Commission says early results show President Felix Tshisekedi is in the lead.

But opposition candidates are complaining of irregularities and ballot fraud. They want the vote annulled and are calling for protests this week.

What happens if it’s not?

Is this a recipe for yet another cycle of violence and turmoil in DRC?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Patrick Muyaya – Democratic Republic of Congo government spokesperson

Marie-Roger Biloa – African affairs analyst and editor of Africa International Media Group

Jason Stearns – Founder and strategic adviser for the Congo Research Group at New York University

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