Iraqi Kurds warn Turkey

KDP spokesman Hoshyar Zebari said: "We will oppose any Turkish military intervention. This is our decision.
"Nobody should [think] we are bluffing on this issue. This is a very serious matter. Any intervention, under whatever pretext, will lead to clashes." Mr Zebari said it would be bad for the image of the Americans and British that two of their allies should be "at each other’s throats" before the main battle against the Baghdad government had even started. He also warned that if the Turks intervened, other regional powers such as Iran would also feel free to step in.

Turkish wishes
As part of the price for their own troops to spring off from Turkey, the Americans are believed to have agreed in principle to the Turkish demand for forces to be involved.
The Turkish foreign minister has said the intervention would be to:
Head off a potential wave of refugees
Stop the Iraqi Kurds setting up an independent state
Prevent Kurdish forces from entering the nearby Iraqi oil cities of Kirkuk and Mosul
The Kurds insist they have no intention of doing any of these things and they say that Turkish intervention would be an unnecessary violation of Iraqi sovereignty.
The Turks are also said to be demanding that Kurdish guerrillas should be disarmed.
The Kurdish spokesmen said they had already agreed that their forces should be dissolved and merged with the Iraqi army and police forces, but not before a democratic federal government has been established in Baghdad.
The Kurds and Turks have been engaged in so far inconclusive talks over Ankara’s demands and another meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

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