Iranian watermelons transit through Turkey at lower prices than last season

The Iranian watermelon campaign is starting at a good pace, with a large production and a consequent demand, but with the usual payment difficulties.

Danial Shahabazi, a trader of Iranian watermelons, said “The quality of watermelons from Baluchistan, in southern Iran, is very good this year. The sizes are from 8 to 14 kg and the color and taste are flawless.”

Danial also reports great demand from Turkey and Europe: “As I speak, I am shipping a container of Iranian watermelons to Austria to open the campaign. I expect demand from Austria to be important this season, as well as from the UK and France.”

Because of the usual payment complications, Iranian watermelons transit through other countries before being exported to Europe: “We are forced to meet the sellers face to face in Turkey, and pay cash in advance, to re-export the Iranian products,” says Danial. 

Another difficulty that marks the beginning of the season: “The Turkish government has imposed limitations on the import of watermelons, at the level of 50% of Iranian volumes and 86% of volumes of other origins,” explains Danial.

As for prices, Iranian watermelons start the season with lower prices than last year’s average, assures Danial: “For the shipment to Austria, the prices are 0.34-0.40 FCA, but we expect increases, as prices are usually very fluctuating.”

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