How to Detect Fake Marble Tiles from the Real Ones

During the early times, Greek and Romans has used these materials in different buildings and palaces. Nobody can destabilize the aesthetic value of the marble tiles. Each of these tiles is available in different pattern, design and color. And once these tiles are installed to your home, for sure the appeal of your home will be increased exponentially. Even the most ordinary of all houses can be spruced up by using these natural tiles.

But before you actually use these natural stone, it is important to note some important things first. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between the fake marble tiles and the genuine tiles. It is important to know the difference between the two. The real ones claim to be durable, but they are not so. The factor about durability depends on how you take care of the marble. It is not only about mopping and cleaning the tiles. Most tiles are very prone to stains and scratches. Often common fruit drinks, nail removers and shampoos can create stains on marbles. Once there is spill, one should wipe it to clean.

Acidic substances can create stains on your marble tile flooring. Acidic substances can cause chemical reaction on the floors. If you have marble floors, you have to clean the spill immediately with water and soap. In case of the fake marble tiles, you need not to be that careful. These fake marble are not made from natural stone alone and contain only a percentage of marble. These fake tiles are composed of different materials like liquid polyester resin. This makes the products more durable. Because of the resin coats, even if there is a stain, there will be no permanent mark on the floors. And because of the resins coats, the marble surface becomes less impervious.

With those real marble tiles, price is higher and you have to pay quite a lot of money from theses tiles. Although there are lots of dishonest manufacturer who will sell fake marble tiles claiming them as real, there will be a visible difference between the two. Actually you can easily note the difference in patterns, designs, textures and finishes. With the fake tiles, you will never get the smooth texture and luster. You have to do a little inspection in order for you to detect the differences. But there are times that no matter how you do you cannot detect the difference.

So before you choose the right>marble tiles, it is important to conduct your own research so that you will be able to know all the possible resources from where you can get the best tiles.

Ella Ayson

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