Hear how Blumberg Capital and DoubleVerify have worked together since 2008 on TechCrunch Live – TechCrunch

Oren Netzer and his co-founder Alex Liverant started DoubleVerify in the heady Web 2.0 days of 2008. Blumberg Capital was the company’s first institutional investor. TechCrunch Live is thrilled to have CEO Netzer and Blumberg Capital partner Yodfat Harel Buchris speak to DoubleVerify’s early pitch deck on March 16 at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET.

The two firms have a long partnership, and we want to explore what made the relationship work over so many years and investors. Blumberg led the company’s $3.5 million Series A and participated in the $10 million Series B round. The firm later led a round of debt financing and a private equity round. DoubleVerify went public in April 2021.

We’re excited to host both of them on an episode of TechCrunch Live taking place on March 16 at 11:30 pm PT / 2:30 pm ET, where we’ll talk about how the two connected and what made Blumberg Capital a good partner for DoubleVerify. Click here to register for free!

TechCrunch Live is all about helping startups build better venture-backed businesses. Founders and the investors who finance them sit down to talk about how they met, what kept them interested in one another and, ultimately, how they sealed the deal. We also discuss the relationship that they share in working together through scaling.

Plus, this episode of TechCrunch Live also includes the TCL Pitch-Off. Folks in the audience can come to our virtual stage to pitch their startup to our esteemed guests and get their live feedback.

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