Geothermal meets cycling in the Granfondo series, Turkiye

Geothermal meets cycling in the Granfondo series, Turkiye
Granfondo series event announcement (source: JED)

JED (Geothermal Energy Association) launches the Granfondo JED Series 2022, the project that combines the unique beauties of the Denizli-Manisa route and geothermal with cycling.

JED (Geothermal Energy Association) aims to combine geothermal and cycling, both fields that contribute to environmental and social sustainability, by starting the Granfondo series in Western Anatolia, where Turkey’s most fertile lands are located. The Denizli-Manisa route, the first leg of the series, awaits all sports and cycling lovers with its unique beauties, air and energy.

Granfondo JED Series 2022 consists of two courses – a long course (103 km) and a short course (74 km). Trail routes can be seen below.

Applications will begin to be accepted from 1 July 2022. Interested participants may apply through the JED website.

Source: JED Email correspondence

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