French newspaper Le Monde commends Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Airport

The French newspaper “Le Monde” has praised Turkish Airlines
(THY) and Istanbul Airport.

The news stated that the results achieved by the national
airline company Turkish Airlines (THY) have reached unprecedented

THY was commended in “Le Monde’s article titled “Air
transportation is an important tool of power for Erdogan’s

The article highlighted that THY’s airport network has
significantly expanded, particularly with new domestic flights
bolstering its connections to transportation hubs like Ankara and

According to the report, THY plans to inaugurate 54 new
routes—22 to Europe, 9 to America, and 13 to the Far East and
Asia—while also expanding the international reach of its
subsidiary, AnadoluJet. This ambitious plan aims to substantially
increase flight volume within the next decade.

“Established in 1933 and once regarded as a secondary airline,
THY has emerged as a major player in the global aviation industry,
rivaling major European and Gulf carriers,” the article emphasized,
attributing this success to Turkey’s effective development

As of April, THY reported a net profit of 5.52 billion euros,
surpassing the net profit of 2.43 billion euros of IAG, the parent
company of British Airways, Europe’s most profitable scheduled
airline. THY’s total revenue reached 20.94 billion euros, with a
net profit margin of 28.8 percent.

The article highlighted Istanbul Airport’s transformation into
Europe’s busiest airport since its inauguration in 2018,
positioning Turkey as a “new center of globalization.”

Described as “one of the world’s busiest air hubs,” Istanbul
Airport exceeded the passenger traffic of Heathrow, the largest
airport in England, with 64.3 million passengers in 2022.

The news also mentioned THY’s acquisition of 220 aircraft from
Airbus in December 2023 and reported that THY’s Board of Directors
and Executive Committee Chairman, Ahmet Bolat, announced
discussions with Boeing for the potential purchase of approximately
250 aircraft on June 4.

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