Ford Puma ST Designed for Performance Now in Turkey

Ford Puma ST Designed for Performance Now in Turkey
Ford Puma ST Designed for Performance Now in Turkey

The Puma ST model, the new member of the Puma series, which appeals to stylish, self-confident and attention-seeking users of the Ford SUV world, is coming to Turkey for the first time. Puma ST designed for performance; In addition to its bold and sporty appearance, it takes the driving experience to the next level with its innovative and technological features.

Ford continues to enrich its product portfolio with crossover models that reflect the SUV character, in parallel with the increasing interest of car lovers. One of the best-selling vehicles in the B-SUV segment in Europe and bearing traces of Ford’s performance and design DNA, Puma’s new ST model is coming to Turkey for the first time. The new Puma ST, the most stylish member of the city; With its sporty, bold and dynamic style, it offers a comfortable and attractive driving experience.

Dynamic exterior design that doesn’t compromise on style

Ford Cougar ST

The low and sloping roof line of the new Ford Puma ST, the shoulder line that rises from the front to the back and widens towards the back brings a dynamic and powerful appearance. The smooth and flowing lines along the side body gain a more dynamic and lively impression with the concave formation between the front and rear tires on the lower body.

The bold and sporty design of the Puma ST starts from the front bumper, where the Ford ST logo is integrated. The specially designed front bumper increases the thrust force of the front by almost 80% for greater stability and traction, as well as a powerful appearance.

The large rear roof spoiler takes Puma’s aerodynamic performance to the next level, while the eye-catching diffuser on the rear bumper fascinates those who see it.

Ergonomics, comfort and style combined in interior design

Ergonomics, innovative approach and comfort come to the fore in the interior design of Ford Puma ST. Ford Performance sill plates, flat-bottom leather-wrapped steering wheel and ST gear knob add a sporty atmosphere to the model in the design where stylish and impressive lines come together. Ford Performance sports seats offer lumbar support for more comfort and provide a safe road experience. The panoramic glass roof, on the other hand, increases the spaciousness inside the vehicle.

In the new Puma ST model, advanced technology and functionality bearing traces of innovation are used together to offer an enjoyable in-car experience every time you drive. With a 12,3” full digital instrument cluster and advanced 8” touchscreen, Ford SYNC 3 infotainment system appeals to customers who want the very best.

In addition, the innovative 80-liter Ford MegaBox underfloor storage space creates extra convenience in daily use for users looking for a large load and storage space.

Engineered for superior performance

Ford Cougar ST

Developed by the Ford Performance team, the exciting new Puma ST provides users with the ideal performance they seek, whether for daily routines or weekend activities. Thanks to its performance improvements and its 200-liter Ford EcoBoost engine with 1,5 PS, it reaches 0-100 km in just 6,7 seconds.

While the dual-exhaust exhaust system maximizes performance, it raises the natural sporty sound of the three-cylinder engine to the next level with its active exhaust valve feature.

Ford Puma ST helps to focus on the road with its innovative features and superior technology. Designed for a special driving experience from every angle, Puma ST comes with a choice of four driving modes, including the ECO mode offered for the first time in Ford Performance vehicles.

As Sophisticated Sports Technologies, its limited-slip differential, patented force-guiding springs and unique steering system provide both solid and safe handling.

Looks like the first day for many years

Ford Cougar ST

Puma ST; It is offered for sale in 7 different body colors: Fascinating Green, Ice White, Agate Black, Fantastic Red, Lead Grey, Island Blue and Magnetic Grey.

Owing to its eye-catching and robust exterior design as well as a special multi-stage painting process, Puma ST is produced with new materials and application processes, from wax-injected steel body sections to the protective top coating. Thus, it can maintain its first-day appearance for many years.

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