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On this week’s episode of Found, the podcast where we hear the stories behind the startups, we talk to Dylan Field the co-founder and CEO of Figma. When he started the company, he was 20 years old when he had no idea if anyone would see the value in making design a multiplayer game let alone that his company become the Google Docs of design. In this episode, they get into:

  • How the nature of design work has changed since they founded Figma in 2012. Collaboration has become a key part of what was once a very solitary job. Gone are the days of closed feedback loops and locked versions.
  • How Dylan has evolved as a leader. Starting a company at 20 meant he had to adjust to being comfortable with setbacks, and failures, and always be open to feedback. Dylan also talks about how mentors helped him develop the skills he needed to run a company people actually want to work at.
  • Keeping the fun at the forefront of the growing company’s culture is tricky. Every person you add to the company affects what it’s like to work there. For Figma, maintaining an inclusive, creative, fun environment is key to continuing to create and iterate.
  • Dylan also opens up about how growth in his personal life like getting married and starting a family has changed his perspective and helped him grow even more in his role as CEO.

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