Britain to be hotter than Turkey and Jamaica as temperatures climb to 32C

Britons are set to swelter in the hottest day of the year so far this week as temperatures in parts of the country will be higher than Turkey, Portugal and Jamaica.

The mercury is expected to soar up to 32C on Friday, the Met Office has said, beating the UK’s previous hottest day of the year at 27.5C at Heathrow on May 17.

Britons can look forward to the hottest day of the year so far this week as temperatures climb over the 30C mark


Meteorologist Becky Mitchell said this week will see a “warming trend” as “warm air pushes in from the continent and temperatures could reach highs of 32 in the south on Friday”.

Some areas in the south will also see highs of 25C and 26C from Tuesday to Thursday, with a high chance of Thursday reaching 27C thanks to hot air blowing in from north Africa.

Temperatures will creep up from the late 20s to early 30s on Friday, Met Office predicts

(Met Office )

There will be some cloud and spells of rain across for Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, from Tuesday to Friday.

BBC weather forecaster Ben Rich said in a forecast for the corporation: “The reason for those cooler and cloudier weathers in the north west of the UK is that they will always be closest to areas of lower pressures whereas high pressure will be building to the south giving rise to those dry, mostly settled and increasingly warm conditions.”

Mr Rich added that the UK weather highs are “nothing compared to temperatures we’re seeing in the south west of Europe” over the next few days as southern Spain will reach 44C this week.



Some areas of cloud but largely clear and locally chilly in south. Cloudy in the northwest with some patchy rain.


Much of Scotland and Northern Ireland cloudy with some rain at times, especially across the northwest. Elsewhere, mostly dry with variable cloud and sunny intervals. Feeling warm in the sunshine.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Continuing cloud, rain and breezy conditions across the northwest. Elsewhere, mostly dry with sunny spells and becoming increasingly warm. Potentially hot by Friday in the south with some isolated showers.

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