Ariel Kaye built a brand that’s outlasted the DTC Boom | TechCrunch

It’s no surprise that after ten years, Parachute, the home lifestyle brand, stands as the dust settles from the direct-to-consumer boom.

Founded by Ariel Kaye in 2012, Parachute has developed a loyal customer base because of its high-quality bedding, towels, and robes. The company is currently expanding into different categories, such as furniture and baby products, and has opened 26 retail stores across the world.

Naturally, TechCrunch wanted to see what it has been like managing the DTC boom these past few years and brought Kaye onto our podcast Found to chat about it. She recalls how customers were immediately drawn to her company as it first launched, as it came just at the precipice of products that felt personal and tailored toward millennial-consumer interests.

“From the moment we launched, we just kept hearing, ‘I’ve been waiting for a brand like this,” she told us. “It became very obvious early on that we were onto something.”

Her company led her around the world as she sought to find the perfect material that would spice up any home. She learned to manage logistics, hire a team, and find a network of other entrepreneurs who could support her during the highs and lows of — wait for it — being a solo founder. The result has been ten years of lessons but also ten years of hard-earned success.

We spoke to her on this week’s Found about being a solo founder and also went into topics like hiring, fundraising, and how she has managed to remain relevant even after other DTC brands have gone bust.

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