Apple is launching its own password manager app | TechCrunch

While you can already use your iCloud account to store and sync passwords across your devices, it wasn’t easy to figure out. Passwords were available from the Settings app on your Mac or iPhone.

At WWDC 2024 on Monday, Apple introduced the Passwords app. It will be available with the next major releases of iOS, macOS and visionOS — that is, iOS 18, macOS Sequoia and visionOS 2.

In addition to all the features you can find in the Passwords menu today, there’s a new column on the left that lets you more easily navigate your password collection. For instance, you can view all your passwords or just Wi-Fi passwords (a new addition), passkeys or codes that aren’t related to a website or service.

As a reminder, iCloud Passwords already support shared passwords, verification codes and a note field for every password entry. This new app will make it easier to get started and think about using iCloud Passwords to store your sensitive information.

Image Credits: Apple

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