An investigation into the Mossad’s activities in Turkey

From: Al Jazeera World

Spying, secrecy, intrigue – a dark world of Israeli intelligence in Turkey, as Mossad searches for useful information.

Espionage, secret recordings, spy networks and Middle East political intrigue – inside the dark world of Israeli intelligence-gathering in Turkey.

In October 2021, Turkish security services arrested 15 agents suspected of working for Israel’s spy agency Mossad operating in several cities. Then in December 2022, they arrested 44 more people for allegedly leaking information to Mossad.

Tamer Almisshal of Al Jazeera Arabic goes to Istanbul to explore the back story of these arrests, how these agents were first identified and then allegedly recruited by Mossad – and how the Turkish authorities were tipped off and launched a months-long covert operation to track them down.

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